30 m XLR male to 1/4" plug 2 pole microphone cable analogue & AES with velcro

  • EC-A1-XLMPLM2-30
  • Studio cable indoor
  • XLR male 3 pin to jack 6.3 mm 2 pin
  • 7640383071179
Connector side A:  ENOVA XLR male 3 pin Connector side B:  ENOVA 1/4" jack 2 pin... more
Product information "30 m XLR male to 1/4" plug 2 pole microphone cable analogue & AES with velcro"

Connector side A: ENOVA XLR male 3 pin
Connector side B: ENOVA 1/4" jack 2 pin
Cable length: 30 meters

Technical Information:
High quality metal ENOVA XLR connectors with a strain relief and cable bend relief for a clean cable outlet.
Professional assembled microphone cables with additional insulation over each conductor at the solder contact. Handmade products are shipped with a 100% functional inspection.
The cable is designed for balanced audio connections for analog and digital AES /EBU signals suitable up to 200 m.
The cable diameter is 6.5 mm. The outer jacket is flexible and robust and black.
The conductor cross section is 2 x 0.22 mm² (AWG 24 with 7x 0.20 mm strands) The conductors were produced with high quality copper conductors OFC (Oxygen Free Copper).
The conductor insulation is made of FPE material and marked in blue and red colors. Flexible PolyEster (FPE) is a high-tech material that combines various properties such as strength, flexibility and temperature resistance in one material.
The microphone cable has a shielding via spiral shield.
The ENOVA XLR - Jack Adapter cable is suitable as a mobile and portable activity cable.
Cond. D.C.R. Ohm / 1km < 80
Shild D.C.R Ohm / 1km <30
Nom Cap (pF/m) between Conductors 52
Working temperature minus 20° C to plus 60° C.


Series: A1-Serie
Version (Plug / Chassis): Cable Version
Connector type: XLR, XLR male 3 pol, 1/4 Jack, 1/4 Jack 2 pol
Cable type: XLR male - 1/4" Plug
Number of contacts: 2
Gender (M / F): Kabel male auf male
Connector housing color: Black
Cable surface color: Black
Cable diameter: Ø 6.5 mm
Wire size: Ø 24 AWG 0.22 mm
Wiring mode: Solder contact
Working temperature minimum: -20°
Working temperature maximum: +60°
Applications: DJ, Keyboard player, Singer, Sound engineer
AES EBU fit up to: 200 m
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