20 m XLR male 5 pin to XLR female 5 pin DMX cable 5 wires

  • EC-L1-XLFM5-20
  • DMX Cable 5 wire
  • ENOVA DMX cable
  • 7640383070417
Plug side A:  ENOVA XLR female 5 pin Plug side B:  ENOVA XLR male 5 pin Cable... more
Product information "20 m XLR male 5 pin to XLR female 5 pin DMX cable 5 wires"

Plug side A: ENOVA XLR female 5 pin
Plug side B: ENOVA XLR male 5 pin
Cable length: 20 meter DMX cable

Technical information:
High-quality ENOVA XLR connectors made of metal with a strain relief and a cable bend protection sleeve for a clean cable outlet.
Professional pre-assembled microphone cables with additional insulation over each conductor during soldering. The hand-made products are delivered with a 100% functional check.
The cable is designed for DMX connection technology. The plugs are pre-wired with a 5-core cable. Different torsional density avoids crosstalk.
The cable diameter is 6.5 mm. The outer jacket is flexible and robust and black.
The conductor cross-section is 2x 2 x 0.22 mm² (AWG 24 with 7x 0.20 mm strands) The conductors were produced with high-quality copper pipes OFC (Oxygen Free Copper).
The conductor insulation is made of PE material and marked in the colors (blue + green) and (red + white).
Double shielded DMX cable to enhance resistance to external electromagnetic interference.
The ENOVA DMX cable is suitable as a mobile and mobile activity cable.
Cond. D.C.R. Ohms / 1km <80
Shild D.C.R Ohm / 1km <27
Working temperature minus 20 ° C up to plus 60 ° C.


Brand: ENOVA
Series: L1-Serie
Version (Plug / Chassis): Cable Version
Connector type: XLR, XLR female 5 pol, XLR male 5 pol
Cable type: XLR female - male
Number of contacts: 5
Gender (M / F): Kabel female auf male
Cable surface color: Black
Cable length: 20 meters
Cable diameter: Ø 6.5 mm
Wire size: Ø 24 AWG 0.22 mm
Working temperature minimum: -20°
Working temperature maximum: +60°
ROHS according to EN62321-1: Ja
Country of origin: China
Applications: DJ, Lighting technician
Markets: Event Production, Beleuchtung, System Integrator, Outdoor lighting, Broadcast
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